First things first, I’m a mom. Of three spirited, creative, unique and damn funny kids. I shall call them by their middle names, to protect the innocents: Estelle is 6, Olen is 3 and Winter is 17 months.

I’m a co-pilot/wife.  I’m married to a man who is the absolute perfect companion on this adventure called life.

I’m a copywriter/fundraiser for the Surfrider Foundation. We love beaches (who doesn’t?) and we protect them (who doesn’t want to?). Check out

I have 2 dogs. One is extremely neurotic (should have known that when I got her from the shelter and she couldn’t resist chasing her tail…for hours) and one is an obese, smelly, wiener dog. Though, I think “sausage dog with a side of rotten sauerkraut” is more accurate.

I also have two fish. One was won at a fair and as a “fair fish”, he was expected him to die in about 1.5 days after bringing him home. So, I bought another to replace him, an attempt to shield my sweet children from the dark side of the cycle of life. I’m happy to report that Rock and Roll Bob is alive and well and so is the replacement fish, Chili Pepper.

I love cooking. I read cookbooks like they are novels.

I have a sailor mouth.

Don’t ever, ever, ever touch my feet.

I couldn’t live life without coffee, beer and cheese.

I thought I was going to be an archaeologist or a Buddhist therapist and went to school for both. I’m neither.

Favorite inspirational quote: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars -Oscar Wilde

I’m not a “The glass is half-full” or ” The glass is half-empty” type of person. I’m a “There is liquid in the glass” type of person. Ponder that.

I can’t do math. Math is hard. Fractions? Mind-blowing.

I love rain and snow. Remind me why am I in Southern California again?

I hate shopping. Why can’t we all just wear adult uniforms? It’d be soooo much easier. Perhaps I’d enjoy prison life? Without the shanks, general thuggery and the whole life sentence business, of course.


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