It’s June and I’m already thinking of winter. It will be our first winter up here. I adore winter. I love cold weather. I love the hush that descends on the landscape when snow falls. I love bundling up. I love winter comfort food. I can’t wait for the kids to build snow forts and chuck snowballs at each other. Seeing our land covered in snow is going to be spectacular.

I’ve been thinking of how I will winterize the chicken coop and have been reading up on how I will get them to lay in winter. Once the goats join us, I’ll need to have hay on hand to keep them fed through the winter. I have to winterize the house (still don’t know exactly what that entails, probably something to do with caulking stuff?) I’ll need to buy the kids snow-appropriate clothes, as flimsy sweatshirts (which was all we really needed in SoCal) aren’t gonna fly. When you have actual seasons- something I am not very accustomed to- you have to plan ahead.

Everyone keeps warning me about winter around here. I get a lot of “Oh, you haven’t been though a winter around here, have you?” type comments. I blow it off with a little bravado about how I lived in Alaska and Colorado. I know a little bit about snow and winter.

But when I drive to Truckee, I pass Donner Memorial State Park. The park preserves the site of the Donner Camp, where the ill-fated Donner Party was trapped by weather in the 1800’s. You know the Donner’s- they ate each other and what not.

And that alone makes me eat a slice of humble freaking pie.

Winter is going to be an adventure, that’s for sure.

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