The original bricks on our ranch house..made in the 1800’s in the Sierra Valley.

The more I look at this picture, the more it means to me. Not only do I love that our new home has so much history but the history is tangible. Our home sits on these bricks, made 154 years ago. This home is imprinted with the history of this breathtaking valley, of the ballsy people who settled it, the Holland (Dearest Husband’s Uncle) who restored it and now our Holland Brood.

This home, these bricks, this land is our new foundation. It will change…it will age…the cycle of life will have its’ way with it. But with work and determination, we’ll do everything in our power to carry it on…to our children (if they don’t completely resent us for moving them to the country once they enter their angst-ridden teenage years) and their children’s children…

As a family, we’ve moved quite a bit. But, this is it. We’re done. I feel it in my bones.

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