Lesson #52 in country/ranch living 101:

Pasture=$$$. Pasture feeds livestock. You let your livestock graze, hay it for winter, sell your hay or sell grazing opportunities on your pasture.

We have come to learn the economics of pasture. As city folk buying a house in the country, we didn’t see the pasture as an income generating opportunity. Though, it should have been ridiculously obvious being in ranch country that land is an essential source of income but we failed to connect the dots. I guess this logical connection was lost in between moving from 2500 square feet of pitiful lawn to 10 acres of glorious pasture. We just didn’t have a clue. Thank god people around here are kind enough to impart some basic country wisdom to enlighten our ignorant urban asses.

We have no plans for the pasture this year. We are taking it slow…chickens, then goats and next year we will expand our ranch repertoire. Next year, we’ll either have a steer, more goats or will hay it. If we do hay it, we’d keep some hay for the livestock and sell the remainder of the hay.

So for the price of a 12 pack of beer delivered weekly, we are going to let a gentleman who helps run the local 4-H use our pasture for 4 or more horses. Some of the 4-H kids have hungry horses in dire need of pasture and would simply love to have a hay buffet.  We were more than happy to lend some hay and stoked to help out people in our community. If there is one thing I came to learn, favors are always reciprocated ’round here.

So, in an effort to bring this story back to why I’m waxing on and on about all this pasture business…

J came over to talk more about having the horses out on our pasture today.  Mainly to exchange phone numbers- in case a horse goes AWOL and what not.

Standing on the outside in the bright sun, I whipped out my fancy-shmancy iphone and deftly inputted his number.

He pulled out a worn leather-covered notebook from his shirt pocket along with a small yellow pencil and says “My PDA”, with a wink and a laugh.

Loved that.

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One thought on “Hay

  1. Mom says:

    You’re becoming a real rancher! It must be in your blood. Remember Grandpa was a farmer.

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