Ranch Sights

Baby birds in our apple tree.

Rainbow during a crazy storm.

A frog I caught in our kitchen and released back into the wild.

A batch of pickled watermelon rind going into the canner.

A huge rainbow trout my husband caught in our creek.

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4 thoughts on “Ranch Sights

  1. Karen says:

    Nice trout…I bet it made a delicious meal.

  2. Brian says:

    We had some baby robins, too. One was left in the nest when the others took off. It jumped out and just cruised around our yard, hiding in bushes for a while. It’s parents still seemed to be hanging around. It was gone later, hopefully not eaten!

    • Right after we were checking out the baby birds, we saw another on the sidewalk near the creek. It cheeped and followed Cooper around. We threw some bird seed on the ground and went back in. In the bustle of getting the kids back in the house, Lucky escaped and (of course) killed the bird. Poor bird…couldn’t bring myself to tell the kids though…

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