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Ranch Images

Fall is in the air and in the leaves…

Sunset over Sierraville.

Clouds after a storm.

Cooper meet Cow, Cow meet Cooper.

Slightly Curious Goats.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sierraville Jr. Rodeo. (I need lessons from one of these kids.)

Sierra County Country Fair.

Old Fashion Marionette Show.

My chicks are starting to lay tiny eggs. (Large egg on left is from one of my older hens)

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Ranch Sights

Baby birds in our apple tree.

Rainbow during a crazy storm.

A frog I caught in our kitchen and released back into the wild.

A batch of pickled watermelon rind going into the canner.

A huge rainbow trout my husband caught in our creek.

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Fresh Trout

A day at Jackson Meadows…

gave us this…

Fresh-caught, grilled trout on salad greens, a backyard-chicken poached egg with a Mason-Jar shaken lemon dill vinaigrette.

It was a stunningly delicious way to end the day….

Especially when the kids were on a bender of fighting and bickering at the lake. I’ll never understand how all three can wage war with one another when surrounded by such peace and beauty….I know they are exhibiting irrational (yet normal) kid behavior, but good lord, here we sat in pure natural majesty and they were fighting over watermelon.


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