Ranch Images

Fall is in the air and in the leaves…

Sunset over Sierraville.

Clouds after a storm.

Cooper meet Cow, Cow meet Cooper.

Slightly Curious Goats.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sierraville Jr. Rodeo. (I need lessons from one of these kids.)

Sierra County Country Fair.

Old Fashion Marionette Show.

My chicks are starting to lay tiny eggs. (Large egg on left is from one of my older hens)

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Ranch Sights

A tiny bird’s nest in our apple tree.

Note to self: Don’t drink the water in the creek that runs by our house. Apparently, it’s a bovine bathhouse.

It’s hay season around here. So much so that my neighbor referred to herself as a “Hay Widow”.

Golden Fields of Hay.

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Where’s Ella?



Love is in the air.


Sights on my way to drop the kiddos off at school…

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Ranch Sights

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